Experience The Phenomenon

Accelerate the wheels. Experience the phenomenon. Aurora features world-class facilities and technology that fully enhances your workout. As you step into one of our darkroom multi-sensory studios, be prepared to experience an advanced lighting system, magic mirror technology and state-of-the-art surround sound system to kick off the high energy music that you love.

Illuminate the Sky

Our instructors are not only ready to sweat and burn with you. They will light up the room with colours and take your experience to the next level. Feel it from the short hand weights sequence to a full-body workout, made only possible with our qualified instructors!

Ride the Aurora

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Ride the aurora

Feel the Ride

About Us

We don’t spin, we

Sick playlists, state of the art lighting system and dark room studio with digital surround sound. Are you ready to #ExperienceThePhenomenon?

Sweat for 45 mins

Enter an immersive space with state of the art light system and revolutionary surround sound system, introducing you to a Ride like never before.

Burn up to 800 calories

The harder you ride, the more you burn. Push your body to the next level.

Choose from 30 trainers

Each with their own curated playlist, you’ll find the Ride that’s the right fit for you. Let them set the pace and lose yourself in the rhythm of music.

Dark room

Darkened club themed studios to amplify your riding experience and get you in the zone.


We provide professional grade indoor cycling shoes with SPD cleats. All you need to do is to come in your comfortable active wear.

Shower facilities

Luxurious shower facilities with full amenities to keep you fresh after you Ride.



Sick playlists, state of the art lighting system and darkroom studio with digital surround sound. Are you ready to #ExperienceThePhenomenon?

Aurora Fundamentals (Beginner)

Designed as an introduction to rhythm-based cycle; ideal for people of all levels, especially beginners. Our instructors will guide you through smooth movements and focus on developing good form habits.

Ride the Thunderstorm (Advanced)

An iconic ride to challenge your stamina through fast and strong beats. Combines all key components of other Aurora classes while giving you a dope atmosphere.

Aurora Dual Rides (Intermediate)

Lose yourself in a 45 mins double dose of music driven and adrenaline-fuelled workout! Led by two instructors, you will ride through a mix of climbs, jogs and sprints. immersed in the sound of epic beats, lighting and choreography.

Ride the Aurora (Intermediate)

A signature rhythm-based cycle class designed to improve your body, your mind and your overall fitness level.

Aurora Spin Studio @ South Beach Quarter

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