Our Classes



Sick playlists, state of the art lighting system and darkroom studio with digital surround sound. Are you ready to #ExperienceThePhenomenon?

Aurora Fundamentals (Beginner)

Designed as an introduction to rhythm-based cycle; ideal for people of all levels, especially beginners. Our instructors will guide you through smooth movements and focus on developing good form habits.

Ride the Thunderstorm (Advanced)

An iconic ride to challenge your stamina through fast and strong beats. Combines all key components of other Aurora classes while giving you a dope atmosphere.

Double Trouble (Intermediate)

Lose yourself in a 45 mins double dose of music driven and adrenaline-fuelled workout! Led by two instructors, you will ride through a mix of climbs, jogs and sprints. immersed in the sound of epic beats, lighting and choreography.

Ride the Aurora (Intermediate)

A signature rhythm-based cycle class designed to improve your body, your mind and your overall fitness level.